Alexandre de la Taille

prof de la Taille - expert in robotic prostatectomy

Current positions


  • Doctorate in Medicine in September 2000
  • PHD December 2000
  • Research Grant(Columbia University, New York-USA, November 1997 - October 1999)
  • Certificates in Laparoscopy, Andrology, Statistics, Abdo-Pelvic Anatomy, Urodynamics
  • ICH GCP Training 28/2/20


  • Matula Crystal Award - European Association of Urology 2006 
  • EAU Thesis Award 2001 - Sanofi-synthelabo - "Biomarkers of apoptosis in prostate cancer." 
  • First Prize in the 1999 AAU/Circon-ACMI Trial Competition "Cadherin T6, a novel cadherin family protein involved in the acquisition of therapeutic resistance in prostate cancer cells."


  • Responsible for teaching robotic surgery at Henri Mondor University Hospital
  • Teaching robotic surgery with the Da Vinci system: kidney and prostate surgery in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical
  • Organizer of congresses and symposiums in the field of robotic surgery and uro-oncology: UROP, UDOU, UCARE
  • Teacher atIRCAD: surgical demonstrations by videoconference
  • Collaboration with St. Jospeh Hospital and USEK (Lebanon), training of residents


Professor Alexandre de la Taille started his research on circulating cells in prostate cancer in Professor Chopin's team and then at Columbia University with Professor Buttyan on markers of apoptosis in prostate cancer. He continued in France by taking the direction of the INSERMU977Eq07 team on biomarkers in prostate cancer. He is currently involved in the research on exosomes in prostate cancer within the TReCAP team of Pr Vacherot.

Organization of congresses


More than 540 original articles have been published on basic research work but also on the development of laparoscopic and robotic surgery. List of publications in MedLine; click here

Professor Alexandre de la Taille has participated in the writing of more than 12 book chapters and has been invited as a speaker or presented his work in the congresses of AFU, EAU, AUA, SLU (Lebanon), SIU, China, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Italy, Switzerland, Syrian, Colombian, Argentina, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, Romania, Portugal, England and the United States.

Didactic books

Prostate: we tell you everything

Functioning, ailments, health, sexuality, prevention.

Urology: Passing the ECNi

In perfect coherence with the DFASM program and the ECNi, this book brings together the fundamental knowledge in urology.

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